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Re: Java 7 - Skew-T issue?


Sorry for the delayed response. I was at a conference last week. I am not seeing what you describe presently, but did at one point. I had to work with the JOGL community to fix this problem. I have a theory that you have old JOGL/Java3D jars lurking around on your system. Do you use a Mac? I would suggest working with SSEC developers to ensure you have the correct JOGL /Java3D, and you don't have an old one that may be giving you strange results.



On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 12:51 PM, Bob Carp <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Julien -

I think you were the one who was working on migrating the IDV to Java 7. ÂWe recently updated to Java 7 in McV and I've been testing it out. ÂI've noticed a few things like windows/panels being grayed-out. ÂMost of the problems that I'm seeing in McV seem to have been fixed in the IDV, but I did find this:

- In IDV 5.0u1, create a Skew-T display. ÂThis displays in the Sounding Chart tab of the Displays tab of the Dashboard. ÂWith the sounding up, change to the Field Selector and back to the Displays tab. ÂNow, the Skew-T is grayed-out until you click on it, change between tabs in the Displays tab, or click the red square in the Main Display at the location of the sounding. ÂThe same thing happens with the Hodograph tab.

This process works fine in IDV 4.1, the Skew-T and Hodograph tabs don't gray out when switching between tabs. ÂJust seeing if you were aware of this or not.

Bob Carp

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