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[IDV #STN-807124]: NCML to fix your post-porcessed WRF output

Hi Helene,

Attached you will find the NCML to fix your WRF output so that 3D views can be
generated for the variables in question. (It is instructive just to look at that
NCML file in a text editor -- it is very simple.)

The problem is that the vertical variable name did not match the dimension name.
This NCML will fix that problem by renaming the variable appropriately.

Copy this file to the same location as the post-processed WRF file. Then point
your IDV to this NCML file instead of the post-processed WRF output.

NB: You'll have to follow these steps for each output file that has this

If you have any other problems, respond to this email.


Unidata IDV Support

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