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[IDV #JFI-890705]: Automatic data sampling

> > Hello,
> >
> > In IDV 5.0, I am trying to create preset bundles for easy loading of
> > satellite imagery and other data. When I select the data source initially,
> > I manually set the "magnification" to 1x1 in the subsetting panel so that
> > no pixel resampling occurs, since I am viewing a region small enough that I
> > need full resolution. However, once the data is refreshed, or the bundle is
> > loaded during a session, automatic resampling always occurs, with the
> > display reading "Data sampling: every 8th by 4th pixel" or similar. Since
> > the "pixel sampling" slider reads no sampling because only the coarse
> > version of the data was loaded, there is no way to reset to full resolution
> > other than removing the data source and reloading it with manual settings.
> >
> > This problem occurs both with "adaptive resolution" enabled and disabled.
> > Although the automatic resampling isn't as bad with it enabled, it is still
> > resampled enough for me to see it in the region I'm subsetting, and since I
> > need to zoom in from time to time to get a better look, I need the full
> > resolution imagery. Is there a way to prevent this automatic resampling of
> > a data source upon loading/reloading? It seems that one should be able to
> > view the full 1km visible channel (or 4km IR) from GOES without it always
> > being resampled.
> >
> > Any help would be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Levi
> >
> >
> Hi Levi,
> The logic of adaptive resolution and match display area is complicated, 
> please read carefully the release notes.
> If you think something is wrong, email me the detail steps of what you were 
> doing. You description is not very
> clear to me. If you disable the Adaptive Resolution (AR), and save the 
> bundle, it will not be enable when you load
> back the bundle.
> Yuan

    I redo the 5.0 release, can you try again and let me know.



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