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[IDV #PLY-930773]: TIMCOM files


I believe the culprit is the Time dimension of "days" in your netCDF file. This 
is not valid CF for time 
 With some NCML I altered the time unit to "days since 1990-1-1 0:0:0". You'll 
have to adjust it appropriately with your knowledge of the data with respect to 
time. I have attached the NCML which I can use to successfully display your 
data in the IDV.

Best Wishes,

Unidata IDV Support

> Hi,
> I'm using IDV in the last 2 years and I'm very satisfied with it.
> However, these days I tried a file from TIMCOM model and IDV (4.1) refuses
> to open it.
> When loading the file, IDV cannot recognize the format (tried all options),
> and file is .nc
> The error message is "No gridded data found for .../path-to-file... Do you
> want to try to load this as another data type?"
> I'm runnning IDV 4.1 on OSX 10.8
> The strange thing is that I can open the same files on Windows 8 running
> IDV 3.x  version
> The 3.x version has installed the MMOUT Data type plugin and also the 4.1
> version.
> Is there any changes from IDV 3.X to 4.X regarding these kind of data files?
> I can remember that the first times that tried to open those files on 3.x,
> same error appear but after trying just a couple of data types, it opened
> and I made some plots.
> As example you can download two files:
> meteo.uma.pt/dataFiles/member000_T1_00004.nc
> meteo.uma.pt/dataFiles/member000_T2_00558.nc
> Is there any place I can download last 3.x version for OSX, to try and see
> if it makes difference?
> Thank you,
> Carlos Lucas
> ___________________________________________________________
> CIIMAR-Madeira

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Ticket ID: PLY-930773
Department: Support IDV
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Attachment: member000_T1_00004.ncml
Description: Binary data

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