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[IDV #KET-549746]: IDV v.4.1u1: Bundle saved with "No Data" fails to load data from original (but renamed) data source


First off, nice bundle. It would be nice to showcase this work possibly in a 

This issue is similar to the issue (note the similar stack traces) you reported 
earlier so I am hoping to kill a few birds with one stone.

I am having some difficulty reproducing the issue today (though I did see it 
yesterday, and in a different client (toolsui) so I have some reason to believe 
that it may be a RAMADDA stale metadata caching problem -- though that is just 
a tentative theory at this point.)

I would like you to do an experiment for me to help isolate the root cause of 
this problem. Would it be possible to do exactly the steps you reported earlier 
but with the WRF data file local (on your local disk drive) instead of 
obtaining it from RAMADDA? In other words, download the file locally, and view 
your data in the IDV as normal.  Now save your bundle with only the displays 
and not the data. Now clear the IDV of all displays and data (restart if you 
want), and load your renamed local file WRF datasource. Now open up your 
displays only bundle and reattach it to the data just as you were describing. 
Do you  see the problem you described earlier?

If no, this *might* indicate a server (RAMADDA) problem.

We have a skeleton crew at Unidata this week on account of the Thanksgiving 
holiday. We will try to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

Best Wishes,

Unidata IDV Support

> On Nov 25, 2013, at 6:21 PM, Unidata IDV Support <address@hidden> wrote:
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> > address@hidden,
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> > Your Ticket has been received, and a Unidata staff member will review it 
> > and reply accordingly. Listed below are details of this new Ticket. Please 
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> >    Ticket ID: KET-549746
> >    Subject: IDV v.4.1u1: Bundle saved  with "No Data" fails to load data 
> > from original (but renamed) data source
> >    Department: Support IDV
> >    Priority: Normal
> >    Status: Open
> >
> IDV support,
> An update on the request for support above:
> The IDV bundled saved with âNo Dataâ, and loaded with the original (but 
> renamed) data source, succeeded in plotting terrain elevation data (color 
> filled and line contours and a vertical profile), but failed to plot all of 
> the other (meteorological) fields. Most of the errors were of the sort 
> included in the original support request, followed promptly by an âUnable 
> to load field: â. â message; some others were of the âInitializing 
> after unpersistenceâ variety.
> â Dave

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: KET-549746
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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