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[IDV #UOY-312462]: Creating 3D trajectoryh


We are unable to reproduce the error message. One suggestion may be to try a 
bigger region when selecting a trajectory area. We have attached a bundle with 
a trajectory for the area in question. It is also possible you may have skipped 
a step when creating the trajectory (there are many of them, after all).

Best Wishes,

Unidata IDV Support

> Full Name: Dzengiz Tafa
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: Fastowarn
> Package Version: 4.1 build date:2013-08-02 18:38 UTC
> Operating System: Windows 7
> Hardware: Java: home: C:\Program Files\IDV_4.1\jre version: 1.6.0_43 
> j3d:1.5.2 fcs (build4)
> Description of problem: Calculationing the grid trajectory
> -59
> Hi when creating a 3D trtajectory using the GFS dataset, I get the
> errormessage mentioned above. I am recreating the product explained
> in the video tutorial found on youtube  (albeit the location = Benelux
> countries in Europe), but it does not work.
> I dont know what I am doing wrong.
> Is it possible to explain what this error message really means so I can
> try to redo it? I have tried several times, repeating the steps in de
> video, but it can't make it work.
> Best regards
> ******************
> Stack trace:
> java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -59
> at visad.SampledSet.getNeighbors(SampledSet.java:331)
> at visad.FlatField.derivative(FlatField.java:4253)
> at visad.FlatField.derivative(FlatField.java:4482)
> at ucar.unidata.data.grid.GridMath.partial(GridMath.java:2539)
> at ucar.unidata.data.grid.GridMath.partial(GridMath.java:2508)
> at ucar.unidata.data.grid.GridMath.partial(GridMath.java:2436)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.grid.DerivedGridFactory.convertPressureVelocityToHeightVelocity(DerivedGridFactory.java:1067)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.GridTrajectoryControl.createTrajectoryControl(GridTrajectoryControl.java:1226)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.control.GridTrajectoryControl$5.run(GridTrajectoryControl.java:968)
> at ucar.unidata.util.Misc$3.run(Misc.java:1251)

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Ticket ID: UOY-312462
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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