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[IDV #AWX-208976]: Dataset subsetting gets lost, perhaps because for reasons related to this projection related NullPointer error?

Hi Brian,

I think we understand the issue you are seeing. Just to review,
you create a 1 time step bundle to create a "small" template. Then,
you would like to use the Time Driver feature to move from a small
template to a multi-time step display. So far so good?

Ok, so you created the small bundle, and pushed .xidv and .zidv versions
to your RAMADDA server. 

Question 1 - what is your memory usage after publishing the .zidv? 

Next, you saved a local .xidv bundle of the small template. 

Question 2 - does this local bundle keep the subsetting info?

Next, after the null pointer, you submitted a support ticket through
the IDV, using "Help" -> "Support Request Form...", attaching the
.xidv file you saved to disk to begin with.

Question 3 - see question 2.

Finally, you used the time driver feature to load 9 total time steps, and
that is when the null pointer exception showed up? 

Question 4 - again, are you keeping tabs on your memory usage? We noticed 
that one time stamp was using about 1.1 gigs - 9 time steps would be roughly 
9 times that, and your IDV session only had 6 gigs allocated. Please double 
check that you are not blowing the memory limit for your session.

We noticed that the bundle you saved on RAMADDA is not the same as the bundle
attached to the support request - the one submitted to support did not have
subsetting information in it. However, we loaded your .xidv bundle off of your
RAMADDA server, saved a local copy, and used the IDV Support form to send it
in and our submitted .xidv still had the subsetting info in it. Your answers
to the questions above may help us find the answer to why your subsetting was
lost, but our. Note that we used your bundle and not a tiny test bundle using
real time data :-)



> The bundle I sent with the Support Form appears to already have lost its 
> subsetting. When I load it, I get global data.
> -------------------
> I published this RAMADDA entry I published just before the Support Incident, 
> in the same session, along with its thumbnail.
> The blue marble shows that displays are truly subsetted, not just 
> view-clipped.
> WHen I load this bundle, I get subsetted data.
> http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu:8080/repository/entry/show/RSMAS-UM+Repository+for+atm-<http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu:8080/repository/entry/show/RSMAS-UM+Repository+for+atm-ocean+data+and+its+science/The+Mapes+IDV+collection/IDV+Bundles/Accessing+remote+datasets/1.+Templates.+You+adjust+time+driver./Past+weather+archives/Indian+Ocean/BoB+monsoon+depression+dissected+1time?entryid=30e31f43-3ab5-4cd1-b650-99f4bcf040a5>
> ocean+data+and+its+science/The+Mapes+IDV+collection/IDV+Bundles/Accessing+remote+datasets/1.+Templates.+You+adjust+time+driver./Past+weather+archives/Indian+Ocean/BoB+monsoon+depression+dissected+1time?entryid=30e31f43-3ab5-4cd1-b650-99f4bcf040a5<http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu:8080/repository/entry/show/RSMAS-UM+Repository+for+atm-ocean+data+and+its+science/The+Mapes+IDV+collection/IDV+Bundles/Accessing+remote+datasets/1.+Templates.+You+adjust+time+driver./Past+weather+archives/Indian+Ocean/BoB+monsoon+depression+dissected+1time?entryid=30e31f43-3ab5-4cd1-b650-99f4bcf040a5>
> -------------
> The order of my operations was:
> 1. I RAMADDA- published the .xidv bundle whose link is above.
> 2. I published a .zidv bundle of the same thing, the link is below.
> 3. I saved the .xidv file to my local disk. That is what I attached to the 
> support form.
> 4. I changed the time driver, which caused the bug that made me send you this 
> support request [IDV #AWX-208976] via the Support Form.
> ---------------
> So perhaps the subsetting was lost during step 2., publishing my .zidv file?
> Unfortunately that is a slow process, so debugging will be tedious if so.
> That published .zidv file is at
> http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu:8080/repository/entry/show/RSMAS-UM+Repository+for+atm-ocean+data+and+its+science/The+Mapes+IDV+collection/IDV+Bundles/Case+studies+with+zipped-in+data/BoB+monsoon+depression+dissected+1time+117MB?entryid=fb85a1d5-b532-46c3-8215-c59bb2a6f1a5
> I notice that this .zidv data does have subsetting when I unpack it.
> --------
> After checking the .zidv file is subsetted, as reported on the line above, I 
> used the scissors to clear my session.
> I then freshly loaded the .xidv file from the RAMADDA.
> It loaded up, all spatially subsetted, a fresh template.
> Then I changed the time driver.
> Remember, I am trying to extend my template to a 9-time bundle 3-hourly 
> covering 2008-09-16.
> That is my scientific goal here. I hope to save that 9-time bundle as a .zidv 
> for a lab exercise.
> Now I got those white panic messages in the viewport!
> [cid:address@hidden
> --------
> I hope and intend to show this case study to a monsoon conference next week 
> (10+ days from now).
> I dearly hope it will be a useful functionality by then, when I will be 
> inviting others to use my templates.
> I wonder if you could please pursue it? Or do I need to further isolate it, 
> or further make you trust that this is not naive user error -- that I really 
> did carefully do all my subsetting, spending lots of time and care, since I 
> thought I was making a template that would have value to me and to many other 
> students of South Asian meteorology for a long time.
> In summary, I am certain there are problems in the IDV that this exposes.
> I hope you will please try to find and address them, not just try to prove to 
> me that they are my user errors, or that very simple test bundles work for 
> you.
> Perhaps one way to proceed would be to try to work toward my ultimate goal: I 
> am trying to extend my 1-time template to a 9-time .zidv bundle 3-hourly 
> covering the whole UTC day 2008-09-16. If that works, try another case 
> 2007-08-06.
> I am almost certain you will have troubles along the way, as I do.
> If you are able to publish both those .zidv files without trouble, working 
> from my .xidv template and adjusting the Time Driver, I will eat my hat, and 
> thankfully download them.
> Thanks!
> Brian
> On Oct 20, 2013, at 9:38 PM, Unidata IDV Support wrote:
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> reply accordingly. Listed below are details of this new Ticket. Please make 
> sure the Ticket ID remains in the Subject: line on all correspondence related 
> to this Ticket.
> Ticket ID: AWX-208976
> Subject: Dataset subsetting gets lost, perhaps because for reasons related to 
> this projection related NullPointer error?
> Department: Support IDV
> Priority: Normal
> Status: Open
> Please let us know how we can assist you further.
> Unidata User Support
> Brian Mapes
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Ticket Details
Ticket ID: AWX-208976
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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