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[IDV #FOR-741886]: adde.ucar.edu - Dataset Global

> Hi
> For 1 year I am an IDV-user. I am using IDV as a education-tool for
> meteorology. It gives me the options I need for satellite assessments
> to further strenghten my knowledge in satellite meteorology and its
> implications.
> Since I am a European user I am bound to the "Global" dataset provided on
> the server "adde.ucar.edu". I would like to report a problem I am having
> accessing the dataset mentioned... There are 2 image types available:
> * Global Thermal IR composite images
> * Global WV composite images
> The thermal IR images all show up in the list & I can select the latest
> image of the day so it works fine. However... the last WV composite
> image available is the 13th of june 2013 (12 UTC) which is more than a
> month ago.
> IR:
> WV:
> I first thought this would be fixed by itsself, since the watervapor
> images were sometimes unavailable. This time however the problem does
> not rectify by itsself and there are no new images available. Is there
> a problem with the server where these images are stored or is there a
> problem at my end?
> The problem exists on my fixed computer and my 2 notebooks (1 for field
> research and another for home use)
> The thing is that I am doing research & experiments which require @
> least 3hr intervals (temporal resolution) and since this is the only
> server that makes this possible I would therefore like this problem
> to be solved... Is there in the meantime another server I can use to
> access european watervapor images with a 3 hour interval (perhaps even
> with bigger temporal resolution)? you would be of great help to share
> that information with me.
> I have read that there are 2 other servers which provide an alternative
> for the images I am looking for, but they all require a username and a
> project number.
> * msg.ssec.wisc.edu
> * adde.eumetsat.int
> Are these by any means accessible?
> Anyway... If the problem with the Global dataset on the adde.ucar.edu
> server can be fixed I am more then happy.

     The problem of WV global dataset should be fixed by now. Thanks for 
reporting this issue.
     By the way, GINICOMP dataset also has very good coverage european area 
(whole Northern Hemisphere) and this is more reliable dataset, please give it a 

> Best regards,
> Dzengiz Tafa

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