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[IDV #JHS-477170]: 20130607: WRF like model aggregation in the IDV

Greetings Chiaying!

My name is Sean, and I put together the README file and the ncml file.

First, I would rename the ncml file from umwmout.nml.xml to

Then, I would check the following:

In the scan tag, check to make sure the dateFormatMark matches
how the date is expressed in your file name. For example, the error
message you passed along indicates that your files are named like:


which means the dateFormatMark should be


The ncml file I sent used a slightly different dateFormatMark.

If everything works, then loading the ncml file using "I'm feeling
lucky" is all you will need to do (that is, you won't need to do
step three as you described in your previous email).

Please let me know if it works with these changes.



> Hi Tom,
> Thanks for the files.  I have tried to use umwmout.nml.xml file. However,
> I got an error message wile trying loading umwmout*.nc data. Here is what
> i did:
> 1) I put umwmout.nml.xml in the same folder as where the unwmout*.nc are.
> 2)  load umwmout.nml.xml with "I'm feeling lucky" data choice (I have
> changed the path)
> 3)  load umwmout*.nc file with "Aggregate Grids by Time" option, and I got
> an error message:
> There was an error loading the data:
> Error creating data source:aggregated.netcdf.grid with:
> [/home/disk/manta9/chiaying/2012_isaac/archvnc/umwmout_2012-08-26_12:00:00.nc,
> /home/disk/manta9/chiaying/2012_isaac/archvnc/umwmout_2012-08-26_13:00:00.nc,
> /home/disk/manta9/chiaying/2012_isaac/archvnc/umwmout_2012-08-26_14:00:00.nc]
> Grid data source failed making data set:
> /Users/chiayinglee/.unidata/idv/DefaultIdv/tmp/multigrid_b3ad0ca8-652c-4a8e-bd66-093cd3468f3b0.ncml
> AggregationExisting: no coordinate variable for agg
> dimension= time
> It seems that  IDV still can not recognize the time.  Am I missing
> something? Thanks.
> Chiaying
> > Hi Shuyi,
> >
> > re:
> >> Thank you so much for your help on IDV!  My group is learning to use
> >> IDV for our coupled model output. I really like the feature that we can
> >> display/analyze the atmos/ocean/wave fields together in IDV.
> >> Milan and Chiaying (CC'd) may email you for some questions as we
> >> are learning/experimenting with various functions.
> >
> > This sounds good.  Did you pass along the README file with comments on
> > how your coupled model output could be better structured for use by
> > the IDV and other applications that provide support for data in netCDF
> > format?
> >
> > Tom

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