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[IDV #TTT-288053]: Attempting to load point data into IDV

Hi Eddie,

I am not able to reproduce what you are describing. Would you mind making a move
of the animation and uploading it to: 




> Sean,
> Thank you very much! That appears to have worked quite well Much appreciated, 
> and an excellent alternative to writing a script to concatenate all of those 
> files.
> One more question. Now that my point data is working, I notice that even when 
> there is not an event or a datapoint for a given timestep, the last timestep 
> of data is displayed. Is there a way to mitigate that, so that IDV does not 
> continue to show tornado locations for hours or days after the report until 
> the next time?
> Thanks again,
> -Eddie
> ----- Original Message -----From: Unidata IDV Support <address@hidden>To: 
> address@hidden: address@hidden, address@hidden: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 10:55:11 
> -0400 (EDT)Subject: [IDV #TTT-288053]: Attempting to load point data into IDV
> Greetings Eddie,
> No problem on the delay - I can appreciate being busy :-)
> You can combine multiple GRIB files via the IDV data chooser. From the 
> Dashboard,select the Data Choosers tab and select "Files" from the left hand 
> panel. Then, findthe location of the GRIB files on disk, and hold ctrl 
> (Command on Mac) and selectall the files you are interested in loading. Then, 
> under Data Source Type, select"Aggregate Grids by Time". Finally, click Add 
> Source. If all goes well, all of theGRIB files you selected will show up as 
> one data source under the Field Selector.
> Let me know if that works for your files. Cheers!
> Sean
> > Sean,> > Thank you very much for the assistance last week. I followed your 
> > recommendations and the plotting worked perfectly, as did making the little 
> > tornado symbols. Apologies for not getting back sooner, but unfortunately I 
> > was ill most of last week and just got back to the grad office.> > As a 
> > secondary question, do you know of a way to merge together grib files? I 
> > want just one file for each tropical cyclone I'm working with so IDV will 
> > recognize the correct times for each instead of just putting each file 
> > (which is a separate time) into an overlay.> > Thanks for the help,> > 
> > -Eddie Dixon> > > ----- Original Message -----From: Unidata IDV Support 
> > <address@hidden>To: address@hidden: address@hidden: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 
> > 12:15:28 -0400 (EDT)Subject: [IDV #TTT-288053]: Attempting to load point 
> > data into IDV> > Greetings Eddie,> > Try adding this header to the 
> > beginning of your text file:> > 
> > (index)->(Time,Latitude,Longitude)Time[fmt="M
 M/dd/yy HH:mm"],Latitude[unit="degrees_north"],Longitude[unit="degrees_east"]> 
> Once you have the data loaded, you can manipulate the symbol using thelayout 
model editor:> > 
 > In order to get the upside down triangle, add a "shape" to the layout model, 
thendouble click it in the editor. In the popup box that appears, click on the 
"Rotate aboutZ axis" tab. In the "Rotate By Parameter" box, enter Default, and 
then in the "Degrees"boxes at the bottom of the tab, enter 180 into both.> > 
Let me know if you get this to work,> > Sean> > PS: I noticed you are using an 
old version of the IDV; you should upgrade to thelatest version (4.0u1). After 
June 1st, you will no longer be able to access dataon our data server unless 
you've upgraded, due to changes in the THREDDSand netCDF-Java software.> > > 
Full Name: Eddie Dixon> Email Address: address@hidden> Organization: Plymouth 
State university>
  Package Version: 3.0b2 build date:2011-08-19 07:06 UTC> Operating System: 
Windows 7> Hardware: Java: home: C:\Program Files\IDV_3.0b2\jre version: 
1.6.0_20 j3d:1.5.2 fcs (build4)> Description of problem: loading data> 0> > I 
am attempting to load the following data file into IDV. I suspect there may be 
a problem with date formats. The first column is combined date-time in MM/dd/yy 
HH:mm z format. The second and third columns are lattitude and longitude, 
respectively, of tornado begin points. I attempted to load the data simply as 
point data, not bothering with any sort of first guess. It returned the above 
error when I attempted to do so.> > Additionally, is there a way that I can 
change the appearance of the data? I would like to have the points represented 
by small red upside-down triangles, if possible, (since they are tornado 
locations.)> > ******************> Stack t race:> 
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0> at 
 equenceOfPointObs(PointObFactory.java:389)> at 
 at ucar.unidata.util.Misc$3.run(Misc.java:1091)> > >> > Ticket 
Details===================Ticket ID: TTT-288053Department: Support IDVPriority: 
HighStatus: Open> > >
> Ticket Details===================Ticket ID: TTT-288053Department: Support 
> IDVPriority: HighStatus: Open

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: TTT-288053
Department: Support IDV
Priority: High
Status: Open

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