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[IDV #AEP-799909]: verify error


This is likely due to mismatch between compilation and runtime environments. 
The code is compiled with another version of the library that you are using at 
runtime possibly due to classpath confusion.

Best Wishes,

IDV Support

> I am try to use IDV classes at the backend of a webapp for reading
> shapefiles. I am getting this error.
> While it works pretty nicely in a desktop application. Any idea what
> might be the reason.
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.VerifyError: (class:
> ucar/unidata/gis/shapefile/EsriShapefile$EsriFeature, method: <init>
> signature: (Lucar/unidata/gis/shapefile/EsriShapefile;)V) Constructor
> must call super() or this()
> at
> ucar.unidata.gis.shapefile.EsriShapefile.nextFeature(EsriShapefile.java:560)
> at
> ucar.unidata.gis.shapefile.EsriShapefile.Init(EsriShapefile.java:461)
> at
> ucar.unidata.gis.shapefile.EsriShapefile.<init>(EsriShapefile.java:369)
> at
> ucar.unidata.gis.shapefile.EsriShapefile.<init>(EsriShapefile.java:276)
> at
> ucar.unidata.gis.shapefile.EsriShapefile.<init>(EsriShapefile.java:191)
> In my test program, I am doing something like this:
> String url_str = "";;
> MapFamily mf = new MapFamily("maps");
> byte[] bytes = IOUtil.readBytes(IOUtil.getInputStream(url_str,
> TestVectors.class));
> ShapefileAdapter sfa =
> new ShapefileAdapter(new ByteArrayInputStream(bytes, 0,
> bytes.length), url_str);
> URL url =new URL(url_str);
> DataImpl data = mf.open(url);
> regards
> ghansham

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Ticket ID: AEP-799909
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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