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[IDV #UXF-172934]: DataReadException: Inconsistent array length read: 1165128303 != 1914731274

> Hello IDV folks.
> We are having trouble displaying 3D fields from a WRF datafile, although 2D 
> displays from the same data file are fine.
> "Couldn't get data
> opendap.dap.DataReadException: Inconsistent array length
> read: 1165128303 != 1914731274"
> Any 3D field from
> http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu:8080/repository/entry/show/UM+RAMADDA+Data+Repository/Hurricane+Nature+Run/wrfout_d04_2005-08-04_00%3A06%3A00?entryid=synth%3A4fc366e9-f32c-48b1-ad2d-abd982459962%3AL3dyZm91dF9kMDRfMjAwNS0wOC0wNF8wMDowNjowMA%3D%3D<http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu:8080/repository/entry/show/UM+RAMADDA+Data+Repository/Hurricane+Nature+Run/wrfout_d04_2005-08-04_00:06:00?entryid=synth:4fc366e9-f32c-48b1-ad2d-abd982459962:L3dyZm91dF9kMDRfMjAwNS0wOC0wNF8wMDowNjowMA==>
> or any other d04 file in
> http://weather.rsmas.miami.edu:8080/repository/entry/show/UM+RAMADDA+Data+Repository/Hurricane+Nature+Run?entryid=4fc366e9-f32c-48b1-ad2d-abd982459962
> The problem is with domain 4 only, a large high resolution domain.
> Are we hitting some limit on datafile size?
> I tried 2 files, they are the same size and the same error occurs.
> I understand that you recommend postprocessing WRF data,
> but this doesn't seem like a problem with the staggering.

    This is not staggering problem. I think something on the server side causes 
this problem. Can you try locally? I was thinking about downloading, but this 
8+ G is too big.

> Thanks,
> Brian
> Brian Mapes
> address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden> or address@hidden<mailto:address@hidden>

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