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[IDV #BWP-558582]: Testing for NaNs in formulas

> Hello IDV support,
> While we use IDV for analyzing WRF output where there aren't any NaNs,
> we're also attempting to use it to analyze real-world data gathered during
> field campaigns. The real-world data has NaNs.
> The 7.3.0 
> Formulas<http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/idv/docs/userguide/tools/Formulas.html>page
> has no information about handling NaNs. I know in theory what I need
> to do; according to the Using Python with
> VisAD<http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/~tomw/visadtutor/index.html>page on the
> VisAD site, if
> Double(x).isNan(): is the proper method to test for NaNs.
> I've tried many combinations of formulas and Jython library code without
> success. Could you please provide an example of a simple IDV formula that
> accounts for NaNs?
> Thanks.

Hi Tod,
    If you want to call java function Dounble.isNaN inside your jython library, 
you need to add import java.math at the top of your library. Such as:

import java.math

def isNaN(a)
    return Double.isNaN(a)

Let us know if you have problem.


> --
> Tod Hagan <address@hidden>
> 251 Morse Hall
> Earth Systems Research Center
> Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space
> University of New Hampshire
> 8 College Road
> Durham, NH 03824-3525

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