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[IDV #IMW-340473]: Color Table Editor

Hi Greg,

I'm the GEMPAK developer here at Unidata and I think I can help you do what you 

The default GEMPAK color table ($GEMTBL/colors/coltbl.xwp) is referenced by all 
GEMPAK programs for what colors to use to draw graphics. This file must only 
contain 33 lines, but the RGB definitions can be anything you want.

If you're exporting a color table to GEMPAK, it *must* be in the same format as 
coltbl.xwp.  If you attach the new color table back to this message, I can take 
a look on my end why it may not look right.


> It has always been my experience that the .xwp extension is the color table 
> gdcntr defaults to and that there is no way to access uniquely named color 
> tables. The LUTFIL option is only for sat and radar as I understand it. If I 
> am missing something, please let me know!
> Greg

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Ticket ID: IMW-340473
Department: Support GEMPAK
Priority: Urgent
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