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[IDV #TDR-258516]: coastline in europe false


First, I would recommend upgrading to the latest release of the IDV, as
2.9u2 is a bit dated. I especially recommend this because I see you are
loading a .shp file and there have been a few improvements/bug fixes
with how the IDV works with .shp files (they may or may not apply to
your data, but it's still worth the upgrade).

Second, I'm not sure if you are using the static blue marble or
dynamic, but I would check and make sure that you are using the
dynamic blue marble. From the Main View Window, click the "Blue 
Marble" entry in the Legend (right side of the window) and that will
take you to the background map control. Make sure the Layer is set
to Blue Marble - Dynamic, and adjust the resolution to an appropriate
level. Note that the dynamic map is fetched 'on the fly', so you may
want to load it for your full display area, and then return to the 
background map control window and turn off auto-reload.

If you need something with even higher resolution, you may want
to search for some Digital Elevation Maps of your area of interest.
Unfortunately, I am not sure where to get those for European areas,
but I am sure google could point you in the right direction.



> Full Name: hans walther
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: private weather research, not commercial
> Package Version: 2.9u2 build date:2010-10-04 19:14 UTC
> Operating System: Linux
> Hardware: Java: home: /home/hw/IDV_2.9u2/jre version: 1.6.0_20 j3d:1.5.2 fcs 
> (build4)
> Description of problem:
> around  Basle with a100by100 grid and get the italien and french coast
> wrong, about 30 km or more. The italien coast line in Geniva is more
> south. I reconized it with a sudden sea level of more thean 260 m Other
> question: where do I get a finer geo map than marble?

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