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[IDV #ANI-800009]: Issue displaying level II radar imagery

Greetings Phillip,

> Hello,
> This question may have been answered online already, but I have searched
> and searched and I can't find it so I figured I'd email support. I am
> attempting to load several hours worth of level II radar imagery into IDV
> and am having an issue. The data is straight from NCDC in .tar format, and
> I have successfully unzipped the files and am able to get them displayed
> individually and in short (1-2 hour) animations through IDV. However, when
> I try longer animations (3, 4, 5+ hrs), once I get to about the 15th or
> 16th time step, the radar imagery disappears and I get a blank gray circle
> on the map (attached image). This circle remains displayed for the rest of
> the animation. I know that there are data on these "blank" files because
> when I load them individually, the reflectivity appears. So something is
> obviously preventing this data from being displayed on the map.
> So I was wondering if you know what is causing this to happen? My initial
> thought was that there was a limit placed on the number of images that can
> be animated at any given time, but I have talked with friends who have
> displayed upwards of a hundred images in an animation. Any help would be
> great. If you need more info from me, I'll be happy to help.

There isn't a limit set for how many images you can display - the limitation
is more so on the memory side of things. When you run into the problem
with the screen turning grey, how much memory are you using? The best way
to tell is to click on the clock in the lower left corner of the display. If 
you click
on the clock, you'll see it turn into a series of three numbers. These three
numbers are the amount of memory you are currently using, the maximum
amount of memory you have used during the IDV session, and the maximum
amount of memory the IDV has access to through the Java Virtual Machine.
Would you mind sending me those numbers? Also, which version of the IDV
are you using?



> Thanks!
> -Phil

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Ticket ID: ANI-800009
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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