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[IDV #TYV-905528]: Displaying text parameters on idv point data displays

Greetings Ernie,

It looks like there was an issue in the header generated by the IDV.  
Specifically, this part doesn't quite look right:


I regenerated the header for you based on the information you sent (see below), 
and I'm able to see the text products (sensor, model) in the IDV now. You 
didn't mention which version of the IDV you are running, but it'd be a good 
idea to move to the latest (3.0u2) if your aren't using it already. Just place 
this header at the top of you files(s) and you should be good to go:

 missing="''"],wd[unit="degree" missing="''"],temp[unit="Fahrenheit" 
missing="''"],dew[unit="Fahrenheit" missing="''"],pres[unit="mb" 



> I am trying to input a csv file containing text and number fields. when I 
> choose "Text" as the unit for the text fields on the "Point Data" input 
> screen the following error occurs:
> There was an error loading the data:
> Error creating data source:file.pointtext with: C:\Documents and 
> Settings\nwec\Desktop\ACY sensor test 6.csv
> Making grid parameters
> TextAdapter: MathType badly formed or missing: 
> ((index)->(sensor(Text),model(Text),Latitude,Longitude,visibility[unit:mile],RVR[unit:m],ext_coeff,present_weather,ws[unit:mi/hr],wd,temp[unit:Fahrenheit],dew[unit:Fahrenheit],press,freez_rain,precip_accum,precip_rate,pwtxt(Text)))
> When I do not choose any unit on the point data input screen I get the 
> followin notifications in the DOS window:
> "Invalid number format for" each of the text variables
> When I try to include any of the text variables on IDV Map View it just 
> dislays "BAD TEXT" on the map
> Note: When I choose a numeric field to display as a TEXT field on the layout 
> model, it works just fine. I will attach the input file. Any help would be 
> appreciated
> Thanks
> Ernie

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