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[IDV #FMK-632620]: Try to use Integrate Data View to view the MPI-ESM data for CMIP5


The error you are getting is because the dataset you wish to view requires 
authentication. The IDV can handle some authentication setups, like the one 
built into the THREDDS data server. However, it looks like the site you are 
using requires OpenID (which does not seem to be supported in the IDV).It may 
be the case that you can simply go to one of their datasets and login once (for 
example, maybe here: 
 and indicate that you would like your OpenID to be remembered on the computer, 
before accessing the site through the IDV. If that does not work, one way you 
could get around this would be to log-in to the server and download the data to 
you machine for direct viewing (as long as the dataset isn't too



> Full Name: Qizhong Wu
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: Beijing Normal University
> Package Version: 3.0u2 build date:2012-02-10 17:21 UTC
> Operating System: Windows XP
> Hardware: Java: home: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6 version: 1.6.0_13 j3d:1.5.2 
> fcs (build4)
> Description of problem: There was an error loading the data:
> Error creating data source:opendap.grid with: 
> http://bmbf-ipcc-ar5.dkrz.de/thredds/dodsC/cmip5/output1/MPI-M/MPI-ESM-LR/1pctCO2/mon/land/Lmon/r1i1p1/v20120308/burntArea/burntArea_Lmon_MPI-ESM-LR_1pctCO2_r1i1p1_185001-198912.nc
> Grid data source failed making data set: 
> dods://bmbf-ipcc-ar5.dkrz.de/thredds/dodsC/cmip5/output1/MPI-M/MPI-ESM-LR/1pctCO2/mon/land/Lmon/r1i1p1/v20120308/burntArea/burntArea_Lmon_MPI-ESM-LR_1pctCO2_r1i1p1_185001-198912.nc
> HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
> ******************
> Stack trace:
> org.apache.commons.httpclient.auth.InvalidCredentialsException: HTTP/1.1 401 
> Unauthorized
> at opendap.dap.DConnect2.openConnection(DConnect2.java:276)
> at opendap.dap.DConnect2.getDDS(DConnect2.java:517)
> at opendap.dap.DConnect2.getDDS(DConnect2.java:491)
> at ucar.nc2.dods.DODSNetcdfFile.<init>(DODSNetcdfFile.java:212)
> at ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset.acquireDODS(NetcdfDataset.java:809)
> at ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset.openOrAcquireFile(NetcdfDataset.java:654)
> at ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset.openDataset(NetcdfDataset.java:424)
> at ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset.acquireDataset(NetcdfDataset.java:520)
> at ucar.nc2.dt.grid.GridDataset.open(GridDataset.java:101)
> at ucar.nc2.dt.grid.GridDataset.open(GridDataset.java:87)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.grid.GeoGridDataSource.doMakeDataSet(GeoGridDataSource.java:1094)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.grid.GeoGridDataSource.getDataset(GeoGridDataSource.java:1116)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.grid.GeoGridDataSource.initAfterCreation(GeoGridDataSource.java:478)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DataManager.createDataSource(DataManager.java:1577)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DataManager.createDataSource(DataManager.java:1344)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DataManager.createDataSource(DataManager.java:1327)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.IntegratedDataViewer.loadDataFiles(IntegratedDataViewer.java:556)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.IntegratedDataViewer.initInner(IntegratedDataViewer.java:622)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.IntegratedDataViewer$3.run(IntegratedDataViewer.java:532)
> at ucar.unidata.util.Misc$3.run(Misc.java:1090)

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Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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