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[IDV #QLI-426877]: Extra Lines in IDV map background

Hi Ben,

re: geometry by reference Preference setting for machines with ATI graphics

> Thanks for the tip.   That seemed to resolve the problem.


> I should have
> searched for "zings" in the support database.  It takes about 30 sec to
> bring up the IDV on this machine which has and AMD C-50 1.GHz processor
> with 4 GB memory (which I think is the max).

How much memory is the IDV assigning to the IDV instance by default?

> It does have an AMD Radeon
> 6250 graphics "card."  Now that I think about it, I should have searched
> for AMD.

My Dell I7 laptop has a Radeon graphics subsystem as well.  Mine is not
as new as yours, however (5400 series instead of 6200 series).  Since
unsetting the geometry by reference in Preferences, I have had no
extraneous map lines (aka "zings").

> In any case, one of the things I am "testing" is whether I can get away
> with this computer for such demos.   It's very convenient to travel with.
> So far, it seems to be right on the edge.   There are a couple issues with
> the TDS which seem to be due to a need for admin permissions at startup,
> but I can get it running manually and it seems to work.

I ran into the same thing with the Tomcat installation on my Win7 laptop
when using the "standard" Windows installation of Tomcat.  I generally
use the Tomcat that I installed in Cygwin as the environment is lots
more familiar to me.  With the "standard" Windows installation, I ran
into a couple of gotchas last year when I was putting on a one-day
IDV/RAMADDA training course that was affiliated with a WRF workshop.
I came by your office yesterday to discuss the situation, but you were
not around then.

> Overalll, it's an
> interesting exercise to get Briarwood College back to making some practical
> contributions again.  I can tell you it's a lot more fun than writing
> standards specifications.

Perhaps Briarwood would like to take over the IDV plot generation for
Unidata's portion of the Africa Initiative?  After all, academics are
always looking for some science to do... ;-)


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