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[IDV #FZR-336108]: Shaded Plan do not use boundaries of cells

Bonjour Patrick,

In short, it is  our understanding that the IDV cannot handle this mesh, 
unfortunately. We are aware of these new ocean grids, and efforts to describe 
them (i.e., gridspec http://www.gfdl.noaa.gov/~vb/gridstd/gridstd.html). But 
the underlying IDV infrastructure cannot currently handle this grid. I suppose, 
one workaround is to pre-transform the data, before passing it to the IDV.

bonne annÃe,

Unidata IDV Support

> Full Name: Patrick Brockmann
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: CEA / LSCE
> Package Version: 3.0u1 build date:2011-11-30 18:36 UTC
> Operating System: Linux
> Hardware: Java: home: /opt/IDV_3.0u1/jre version: 1.6.0_20 j3d:1.5.2 fcs 
> (build4)
> Description of problem: Hi,
> Attached is the image I get when I ask to IDV to draw
> a Shaded Plan from our IPSL Ocean Model (a NEMO configuration called ORCA2).
> http://www.nemo-ocean.eu/
> See a grid image from 
> http://www.nemo-ocean.eu/About-NEMO/Gallery/Mesh_grey_sphere
> It seems that IDV calculates cells boundaries from the centers of the cells 
> rather
> than using the boundary descriptions (see CF Convention
> http://cf-pcmdi.llnl.gov/documents/cf-conventions/1.6/cf-conventions.html#cell-boundaries).
> That is why I get those wrong "long cells".
> The boundaries of all cells are available using
> lon:bounds = "lon_vertices" and lat:bounds = "lat_vertices" attribut and then
> float lon_vertices(j, i, vertices) and float lat_vertices(j, i, vertices) 
> variables.
> Note, that this configuration has also redondant cells but it should not be a 
> problem
> when IDV will draw polygons from every cell boundaries.
> When I use Color-Filled, the draw is correct because in this case you have to 
> care
> only to the center of the cells.
> Let me know if the description of this problem is clear enough
> and can be corrected.
> I have placed a test file get from the CMIP5 exercice on a OPeNDAP server :
> http://dods.ipsl.jussieu.fr/cgi-bin/nph-dods/brocksce/idv/tos_Omon_IPSL-CM5A-LR_historical_r1i1p1_185001.nc
> Best regards
> Patrick

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Ticket ID: FZR-336108
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Closed

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