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[IDV #SRY-572364]: 3D (or 2D) plots of dropsonde data

> > Hi,
> >
> > My name is Mark Boothe, and I'm a researcher working with the GV dropsonde 
> > data from the PREDICT experiment of 2010.  I'm an IDV novice, so bear with 
> > me!  I have used Aspen v3.1 to convert the original text files into NetCDF 
> > format, and I can load them into IDV.  I can create skew-t plots, but I was 
> > hoping to create 3D plots (or even 2D plots) of the data.  At first glance 
> > of the documentation, this seems possible with gridded model data, but I'm 
> > not sure if it can be done with irregularly-spaced dropsonde data.  Can it?
> >
> > Thanks for any guidance you can give!
> > Mark Boothe
> > Naval Postgraduate School
> >
> >
> >
> Hi Mark,
> When you loaded the data in the IDV, if you selected the data source type as 
> "upsonde/dropsonde files", you should have the option in the field selector 
> like: Track, Skew-T and Sonde Start Locations. I am not sure if this is what 
> you mean 2D/3D plot. Can you upload a dataset here:
> "http://motherlode.ucar.edu/repository/alias/idvupload";
> Yuan
Hi Mark,
     I got the data you uploaded.  It is what I am expected.
     After loading the data, go to the Field Selector tab, in the Fields panel, 
you need to expand the Track tree, and select one of the variable and also 
select Track Colored By Parameter in the Displays panel, when you create the 
display, you should see the 3D display in the map view window.


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