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[IDV #UCL-496484]: IDV vector-steamlines switcing

Hi Ned,

> Sean, thanks.  Since I put in the support ticket, my iMac has hung lots of 
> times, even using less data sets than I did in that example.  Often I can get 
> it to hang if I bring in a 3-D vector data set > and toggle between vectors 
> and streamlines lots of times.  I am doing that because of the science I am 
> trying to understand, not to perturb Unidata programmers!

No problem :-) You are not perturbing anyone here, unless you are doing 
ensemble forecasting...then that's a different story (ok, that was a lame joke)

> So it seems we can go a couple of ways:
> (1) If the iMac 27" is to blame, maybe it's the video card.  Have others had 
> this complaint?  I don't think I can change video cards.  If I added more 
> memory (currently 8 GB, but could go to 16   > GB), would that help?

When the IDV hangs, are you getting an error message? I've heard of others 
having this sort of issue, but not this specific one. As for RAM, you can 
monitor your usage in the bottom left hand corner of the IDV screen - if you 
see a clock, simply click on it to get the memory info. If you are getting a 
memory error message, but you see that you have a lot of available RAM, then we 
are dealing with another issue (one that we can fix!).

> (2) I can send you my local data set(s) and you can try to hang your system.

Since you were able to trigger the hang with a small subset, would you mind 
sending me the bundle with the smaller subset? All you need to do is load your 
stuff in the IDV and, before triggering the hang, click "File" -> "Save As", 
and make sure that under the file format you have "Zipped IDV Buldles (*.zidv)" 
selected (you may also select save views, displays, and data sources).   You 
will be asked which data files you would like to save with the bundle - just 
make sure to select the appropriate ones and then pass along the .zidv.

>  I am (or was) a new IDV user, so I did not realize that a bundle did not 
> include the data, but simply pointers to it.  (I have since looked at a 
> bundle with a line editor.  As a matter of fact, I find > that very useful 
> after I have set up an IDV session, and want to duplicate it with another 
> data file.)  

It sounds like you may find the scripting capabilities of the IDV useful - 
check out 
https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/idv/docs/userguide/isl/index.html (in 
fact, the you may find lots of interesting nuggets in the users guide too 



> So would you like a copy of my local file(s)?  If so, please tell me their 
> names.
> Ned
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