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[IDV #FPN-571948]: issue with cloud top temperature value plot

> Actually I fully agree with you that value plot is not designed for imagery
> dataset.
> But I will explain it to you.
> I am working with developing adpaters for Indian Meteorological satellite
> data.
> We have currently two satellites operation Kalpana-1 and Insat 3A.
> And they have VHRR payloads which provide images in following band
> 1. TIR (Thermal Infra-red)
> 2. VIS  (Visible)
> 3. WV (Water vapor)
> I can provide you wavelength range too if you want.
> The Level-1B products contain image dataset for them and also contain lookup
> tables for converting the count data to radiance and temperature for WV and
> TIR band and albedo information for visible band.
> These are full disk products containing some cold space corresponding to
> which we get NaN Lat/Lon.
> I have written adpaters that can  be plugged in and used in IDV as well as
> in McV.
> Now some of our scientists want to generate value plot of TIR channel
> temperature.
> Is it a valid plot?
> If it is not then I think I will have to change the DataCategories string my
> adapter code to prevent from doing plot valid for gridded data. But then
> Contour Plan View, Color Shaded Plan view will also go.. Am I missing
> something?
> And I found a similar dataset from the available ADDE servers, the one I
> mentioned in my previous mail and reproduced the scenario and sent you that.
> I hope I am able to communicate you the problem.
> I can send you the adapters and a sample product. All products are in HDF-5
> format.

Please upload your sample files and adapter here:


> regards
> Ghansham

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