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[IDV #OWO-748043]: Errors in reading mesonet data

Greetings Song-Lak,

I'm able to reproduce your error, and the issue appears to be with the time 
stamp. Try following these steps to see if this fixes the issue:

1) From the "Data Choosers" tab on the "Dashboard", select "Files" (under the 
"General" list) and find and select the data file (for example, LBBW1001.dat or 
LBBW1002.dat) and click "Add Source".

2) A "Select data source type" box will pop up - choose "Text Point Data files" 
and click ok.

3) A "Point Data" box should pop up - this screen will allow you to tell the 
IDV what kind of data (and metadata) you are trying to load. Set the delimiter 
to "Space" and the bottom portion of the box should expand to show examples of 
all of your data, nicely separated out.

4) In the first row you should see the date, and in the second row you should 
see the time. The issue is that we need to combine those to into one entry for 
time. To do this, select "Time" as the name for the first row, and Select Units 
as "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm". The trick is to add:


in the "Extra" column for row 1 (make sure to add the quotes around the 2).

5) leave the second row empty - the time part has now been combined and defined 
in row 1.

6) For column 3, select Longitude, but make the units "degrees_east".

6) For column 4, select Latitude, but make the units "degrees_north".

8) Define the rest of your variables the same way, or just the variables you 
wish to view.

9) Once you are finished defining everything, make sure to click "Preference", 
then "Save Current." This will prompt you for a name (for example, WestTxMeso) 
- this is important! Next time you want to load West Texas Mesonet data into 
the IDV (assuming the files are always laid out the same), you will only have 
to do steps one and two above - once the "Point Data" box pops-up, you will be 
able to click the Preference button and select the name (like WestTxMeso) and 
it will populate the table for you.

These steps should allow you to get the data into the IDV.



> Dear Sean,
> Actually I did work with the following files.
> And then I made simpler ones that sent before.
> In the attached files, you see the following variables in order:
> YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM LON LAT Temp. at 1.5 m (degree C), Temp. at 2.0 m (degree 
> C), Temp. at 9.0 m (degree C), RH at 1.5 m (%), Pressure (hPa), Wind Dir. 
> (degree), Wind Speed at 10 m (m/s), Wind Speed at 2 m (m/s_), Solar Radiation 
> (Wm-2)
> Thanks,
> Song-Lak

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