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[IDV #PIY-417313]: IDV error: what'd I do wrong?


The problem here is exactly what the error message says.

"Content is not allowed in prolog."

There is a hidden 38c character at the start of the file. You get the same 
message just by navigating to the URL in your browser.

I would contact the admin at NCSU.

Best Regards,

Unidata IDV Support

> Hi Gerry,
> Gerry Creager wrote:
> > I don't, yet, have a contact but will see what I can promote.
> I just checked the /thredds/serverInfo.html page on the NCSU server and got 
> some contact info. I'll check with them and see what we can dig up on the bad 
> characters at the top of the catalog. I'll split that into another ticket.
> > While I've got you guys, though, what's the correct incantation to snag
> > data from a RAMADDA instance, such as http://scoopdata.tamu.edu/repository ?
> >
> > I know we covered that, I just can't find it in my notes..
> > gc
> OK, I'm going to pass this back to the IDV folks for an answer on the 
> IDV/RAMADDA question.
> Good seeing you last week.
> Ethan

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