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[IDV #OJN-652861]: Suggestions for IDV

> Yuan et al.:
> It was good seeing everyone at the Unidata strategic planning session.
> I'm using IDV fairly extensively now and our students like it.
> Much of what we do is based off of data downloaded off of the unidata
> THREDDS server, which I really like.
> Now that our semester is over and I've had a chance to catch my
> breath, I wanted to pass along what I see as three critical needs for
> improving the use of IDV for real-time data analysis in the classroom.
> If these can be addressed, it will make a huge difference for our students:
> 1. Time matching and filtering.  The ability to match radar (usually
> every 5-10 min), satellite (every 15-60 min), and model analyses (every
> 60-360 min) as specified for the user and filter if necessary would be a
> huge upgrade.  I can do it with incredible effort, but it needs to be
> quicker and easier.  A good use case for this would be to create a
> bundle that downloads the latest Supernational IR imagery at the top of
> the hour, adds the CONUS radar composite (also the image closest to the
> top of the hour), and overlays the RUC sea level pressure analysis using
> analyses where available and forecasts at times when they are not.

    Time matching is big and something in my schedule after the training 
workshop. The specific usage examples will be big help. As a big IDV user, you 
might provide some suggestion on the user interfaces you like to see.

> 2. Spatial sectoring.  This is built into IDV now, but is very
> difficult, especially when mixing and matching models and imagery.  You
> have to rubber band the spatial area for each model and specify pixel
> area for the images.  It would be*huge*  if you could just tell the IDV
> to grab the data in the area that is on the screen.

This is relatively easy task, thanks for this valuable thoughts. Again, I will 
not add any big change before the workshop, hope you can understand.

> 3. Data availability.  The Unidata THREDDS server has a huge model
> database that goes back for weeks, but real-time imagery and radar are
> available for a very limited period (at least in IDV).  Perhaps 12 or 24
> hours.  It would be great if we could get at 7-days of data.

The main issue here is the satellite imagery, I will check with Tom to see if 
there is any restriction on the length of archiving these images. The radar 
datasets can be extended to one or two months if needed.

> Perhaps some of these abilities are in the IDV, but if not, it
> would be great if they became a priority for the effort.
> Please contact me if you have any questions.  I am going on
> vacation from the middle of next week to the middle of July, but
> thereafter could serve as a guinea pig and tester.

Ok, I see no rush on our side too.:)  Enjoy your vacation.

> Thanks,
> Jim

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