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[IDV #XJI-825633]: tower and road datafiles for IDV, western NY

> Hi Yuan,
> Thanks for your e-mail. CSWR is in Boulder, actually, and does research and 
> some educational outreach.
> CSWR operates the the Doppler on Wheels (DOW) mobile radar network as a 
> National Science Foundation
> facility.
> The tower data are files that can be imported into IDV to display where 
> towers are located in each state.  Overlayed
> radar images can be rotated to align with them. (the radar image often shows 
> reflections from towers, and the radar
> data is rotated so that the reflections line up with the tower locations.)
> Similarly, the road shapefiles contain maps of roads (county by county) that 
> can be imported into IDV and layered
> with radar images to align the radar.

Now I understand what the tower data is. Thanks. Maybe you already know that 
there is a rotate function available in the IDV through the plugin to do the 
radial beam rotation. Let me know if you need help. 
> We have tower and road data for some of the Midwest states, but none for the 
> western New York area. Does Unidata
> or UCAR have any of this data?

I don't think we have archived any data like these. The road data is easy to 
find, you can google it or go to esri site to do the search.

> Thanks,
> Sue

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