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[netCDFDecoders #ERD-441589]: NIDS and MDV decoder?

> Hi Yuan,
> Thanks for the fast reply.
> I have some U.S. radar mosaic files (Unisys) that have .nid extensions.
> I'd like to convert these to NetCDF files so that I can open them in
> MATLAB and do some processing and algorithm development experiments with
> them.

.nids mosaic file may not be the same thing as the level3 radar products. If 
you are lucky you can use the IDV to open the dataset and export the display to 
the netCDF file. But, this netCDF may not be the one the MATLAB can take. I 
wonder what kind of processing and algorithm you are working on, you may 
consider to run the IDV to do the job, I can provide some help.


> Similarly, I have an archive of NOWrad data files with .mdv extensions
> that I would like to save as NetCDF files and process using MATLAB as well.
> Also, I am using the software resources on the university network here.
> How do I know if I have the Java NetCDF library installed? Perhpas there
> is another way to read these files directly into MATLAB without first
> converting to NetCDF?
> Any advice is appreciated.
> Many thanks,
> Evan
> On 4/18/2011 4:44 PM, Unidata IDV Support wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I have been searching for a NIDS- and MDV-to-NetCDF decoder/converter to
> >> much frustration and to no avail. Can you direct me to one?
> >>
> >> Many thanks,
> >> Evan Ruzanski
> >>
> >>
> > Hi Evan,
> >        In the netCDF Java library, there is cdm to read in the NIDS 
> > dataset, and present the dataset as a netCDF file to the end client, 
> > similar function for some MDV data is also available. Please let us know 
> > what you want to do and I maybe able to help.
> >
> >
> > Yuan
> >
> > Ticket Details
> > ===================
> > Ticket ID: ERD-441589
> > Department: Support IDV
> > Priority: Normal
> > Status: Open
> >

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: ERD-441589
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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