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[IDV #TNW-894406]: IDV: Lightning data

Hi Dave,

re: getting NLDN data before this past Tuesday
> I can't comment on the quality or usability of the data, since I
> can't read any of it using either the IDV or WXP. Maybe that alone
> answers the question, at least for you, but since I didn't know if
> the problem lay with the data or the software, and actually still
> don't, I'll leave the question to you! (WXP's "light" program produces
> a segmentation fault.)

I can verify that an NLDN record with no lightning flash data was being
sent out every six minutes.  This null record (valid header, no data) was
sent as sort of a heartbeat.  I assume that you were getting those products
and no others.  At least, I didn't see any products with valid/usable data.

re: There will be an announcement after the necessary sign-up web pages have
been updated at Embry Riddle.

> OK, I'll keep an eye out for that.

We are planning on providing an eLetter article and sending an announcement
to appropriate email list(s) (e.g., ldm-users).

re: NLDN
> I see from today's ldm-users mailing list activity that Pete Pokrandt is
> also aware of it.

Yes, folks are now aware of the return of NLDN data.  There are still issues
being worked through with the data, however.  That's why there has not been
an announcement.

re: McIDAS-V and the IDV

> But they aren't all interchangeable in some sense (as in an ability to share 
> code, say)?

They are share a very large fraction of code in their bases.  Also, things like 
are sharable between systems.

> I've appreciated your intervention to respond some IDV questions I've had
> in the last year or two.

I'm happy to help out when I can...

re: restrictions on lightning data
> Then I presume that I can't make it available via our RAMADDA server, either,
> which we use locally.

If the only access available is from local machines, then this is OK.  If, 
is more general, this is definitely _not_ OK as it violates the usage ageements!

>Others besides us could use the SFSU RAMADDA server, too, of course, which
> means that our NLDN data are available now, for what that's worth. But I'd be
> astonished if anyone other than us uses, or will use, our RAMADDA server
> because it isn't advertised (except via a link buried in Unidata's IDV
> catalog under "Community Data Servers > Unidata Community Sites"), even
> if the server were needed, which I rather doubt.

I am afraid that "security through obscurity" is not OK in this instance.  You
can configure the NLDN setup in your local RAMADDA to restrict access to the
data.  Please do so as soon as possible!

> Thanks for taking the time to update me about what's happening behind the
> scenes--it's always interesting!

Yes, there are lots of interesting things going on that can not (yet) be shared
with the community at-large.  To me, this is one of the benefits of being
on one of the governing committees :-)


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