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[IDV #BER-596188]: probe time series improvements

> > Full Name: bill fingerhut
> > Email Address: address@hidden
> > Organization: lyndon state college retired
> > Package Version: 2.9u2 build date:2010-12-03 08:14 UTC
> > Operating System: Windows XP
> > Hardware: Java: home: C:\Program Files\IDV_2.9u2\jre version: 1.6.0_20 
> > j3d:1.5.2 fcs (build4)
> > Description of problem:
> >
> > I am currently looking at 2 height-time displays and a data probe/time
> > series. I believe everything is displayed according to the documentation;
> > however, I would like to suggest a couple of possible improvements.
> >
> > First, the 2 height-time displays share the same geographic point
> > (lat,lon). I don't see how to make the probe time series share this
> > location. Is it now possible ?

Hi Bill,
      The sharing of the geo location of two probe point is possible in the 
IDV, you need to turn the share in the display control panel. Edit > Sharing > 
Sharing On.
> >
> > Second, the probe in the probe time series is easily customized via a
> > menu. I.e., the color and size can easily be changed. I don't see the
> > same capability with the height-time display. The color can be changed
> > by changing the selector color, but I don't see how to make the size of
> > the probe different. Can this be done ?

No, the size of the probe can not be changed.

> >
> > Third, the time labels in the probe/time series are quite long - they take
> > a lot of space, which reduces the number of time labels possible. The
> > time format looks like the default in user preferences? Could we use
> > the same time format used in the height-time display (day/hour)? I think
> > this would help the appearance quite a bit.
> >

This feature needs to be added, I will put it in the todo list.

> > Just trying to help !
> Hi Bill,
> Many Thanks for these improvement suggestions, I will check the source code 
> after AMS to see how much work will involved to make these improvements.
> Yuan
> >
> >

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Ticket ID: BER-596188
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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