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[IDV #KQN-408226]: DisplayControl.moveto

Hi Cindy.

First off, we have a few questions. Can you tell us more about what institution 
or company you work for?

I have a few more comments below:

> Hi.
> I have two questions using idv and need your big help.
> All the situation appears in Java enviroment using jdk1.6.0_20.
> Question1: I download IDV 2.9u2 Installer for Windows XP from your website. 
> An error occures when opertating as follow steps:
> (1) Start idv 2.9u2.
> (2)
> In default mapView , I create two drawingControls using tools from
> toolbar :control1 and control2, So control1 is firstly created.
> (3) Open each drawing control window, add a text shape to each control . Only 
> text shape can bring up the error.
> (4) Create another mapView through the "File-New-ViewWindow-MapView-One Pane" 
> menu.
> (5)
> In the default mapView's legend, Firstly click and drag control2 to the
> other mapView , then drag control1 to the other mapView. Idv runs
> normally.
> (6) In the default mapView's legend, Firstly click and drag
> control1 to the other mapView , then drag control2 to the other mapView
> . Error occurs as below:
> " visad.DisplayException: ScalarMap.setDisplay: ScalarMap cannot belong to 
> two Displays "

I can confirm the errors that you see. Unfortunately, we do not have any quick 
resolutions to offer. Is there a way to achieve what you want without going 
through multiple display controls and map views? You may be able to find a work 
around through experimentation.

> Such
> error can also be seen in the other version. I'm wondering why the drag
> and move action related with control's created order?
> Question2: I want to capture image with high resolution ratio such as 
> 2560*1600.
> My screen device only support 1400*900 and I can only get such resolution 
> ratio picture through screen capture way.
> So I'm trying to solve by such a
> way in my java code: In my program code, I create an offscreen mode
> MapViewManager with dimension(2560*1600). When I capture image through
> "view-capture-image" menu from current MapViewManager , I overwite its
> doSaveImageAndBundle() method . Firstly, all the displayables are moved
> to offscreen viewmanager ,then offscreen viewMangerâs save image method
> is called to save the image. At last, move all the displayables back to
> current viewManager.
> Result is that I get 2560*1600
> picture in my computer but it is not stable. Sometimes the picture is
> complete while sometimes it is incomplete that some symbols can not been
> shown in the picture.
> I'm wondering if it is that when i save image,
> the offscreen mapViewManager is not ready to do such saving work? if so
> how i know what time is ok?

If you want to capture a very large image you can save the state (File->Save) 
as an .isl file, e.g., test.isl. The IDV will prompt you for some of the 
parameters to the ISL script including image size. Choose offscreen rendering 
and specify a larger image size. See here for more on ISL: 

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