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[IDV #EKY-504245]: Jython script for 2D plot movie

> Name: Roman Kowch
> E-mail: address@hidden
> Organization: MIT PAOC
> Software Package: IDV 2.7u2
> Operating System: Linux Ubuntu
> Subject: Jython script for 2D plot movie
> Hi,
> I am trying to write a simple script in Jython that commands
> IDV to make a 2D display of potential temperature from a Netcdf
> file and write a movie file. So far, the following code below only seems
> to make the display as if I just selected the potential temperature
> field and hit "Create
> Display" in the interactive mode:
> setOffScreen(1)
> idv.getStateManager().setViewSize(java.awt.Dimension(400,400))
> ds = 
> makeDataSource("/disk7/rkowch/IDV/mitfluids/netcdf/IDVmitmodel2.nc","netcdf.grid")
> a = getData(ds.getName(),"Temp")
> dc = createDisplay('planviewcontourfilled',a)
> pause()

 Hi Roman, 
    please upload this IDVmitmodel2.nc file here:

> dc.setDisplayListTemplate("Potential Temperature 2D plot");
> dc.setColorTableName("default")
> dc.range.set(-50.0,25.0)
> dc.setContourInfoParams("interval=2.0;min=-90.0;max=45.0;base=-230.0")
> dc.applyPreferences();
> writeMovie("2DThetaLoop.mov")
> How could this script be modified to correctly set the display unit
> (e.g. degC, K), color range on the color table, contouring parameters,
> height level, and what times to use (which is specified before you hit
> "Create Display")?
> Could you modify the script above to give an example of how this could
> be done? What commands are commonly used in scripts like this? Also,
> is there a certain order that must be followed when writing the
> commands in the text file?
> I've been looking at the IDV documentation at this website, but
> there's quite a bit
> of info to sort through:
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/idv/docs/javadoc/
> Thanks for your help,
> Roman

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