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[IDV #HJM-898946]: Can't view Full Disk satellite images in custom orthographic projection? (IDV 2.9)

Hi, Evan

Here are a few suggestions,

1. Reduce the memory allocated to the IDV.

2. Reduce the size of data you are trying to load.

3. Turn off fast rendering.

If these suggestions do not work, would it be possible to have more information 
about how you create the custom projection? Perhaps could send us the plug-in?

Many thanks,


> Hello IDV Support,
> Computer: Dell Inspiron 700m, 1.8GhZ, 2GB Ram
> OS: Windows XP Pro SP2+
> IDV 2.9
> Within the IDV, I've created a custom orthographic projection with the
> following settings:
> name: goes_east
> type: Orthographic
> Origin lat: .208
> Origin lon: -79.8
> The IDV is loaded with 1536mb instead of the default 512mb
> Goes East satellite data is added by:
> Server: satepsanone.nesdis.noaa.gov
> Datset: PUB
> Image Type: GEFDSK04I4
> Times: Most recent
> Data Type: Brightness
> Channel: 10.7 um IR Surface/Cloud-top Temp
> Location: center
> Line: 1351
> Element: 2603
> Image Size: 2705x5208
> Magnification: -2 x -2
> Navigation Type: Default
> The satellite loads up normally in it's typical oval shape.
> When trying to change the projection, I choose:
> Predefined -> goes_east
> The satellite image disappears.
> All other default projections appear to work fine, but this custom
> orthographic projection does not.
> I also tried the same process on one other PC and with Magnification 1 x 1.
> The same thing occurred.
> Am I doing something wrong, or is it just that full disk satellite imagery
> can't be viewed in a custom orthographic projection?
> Regards,
> Evan Lowery

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