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[IDV #DHS-858869]: Deepwater Horizon and IDV

Hi CJ-

> IDV questions: for Deepwater Horizon simulations
> 1.  Is there a configuration that allows more particles?  We're having
> problems with more than 100-200, and that seems consistent on our
> machines.  Maybe not on yours?  We're going to need a few thousand.

What display type are you using for this?  Jeff has been playing around with a 
point cloud control which might be useful to you.

> 2. Can low temperatures stop having 273 added to them?

What are the units in the file?  Can you upload a sample file to:



> 3.  File names that contain the word "netcdf" though have a suffix to
> indicate that they are not netCDF seem to be parsed as netCDF and give
> an error.  We're playing around with formats, and so use the original
> file type in the name.

The file type guessing is based on a filename pattern and the netCDF grid data 
source has .*netCDF.* in the list of patterns.  You can set the type using the 
Data Source Type widget in the file chooser.  That's the best workaround I have 
right now.

> 4. With the beautiful graphics on a black background, how do a make a
> picture for distribution?

Do you want to retain the black background?  If not, there is no automatic way 
of changing the background to white.  You could do that manually using the 
View->Color->Black on White menu.  Otherwise, to save an image, use the 
View->Capture->Image... menu to capture the image.  You can capture just the 
view (black region) or the entire frame.  The default is jpeg, but use .png as 
the extension to create a better quality PNG file.

Don Murray

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