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[IDV #INW-163820]: NetCDF CF time codes

> One other question, please. We have inluded the variable both ways and the 
> IDV recognizes the time.  What we would like is to be able to select a 
> number of these files (frames) and have the IDV recognize this as a "time 
> series" (like it does when selecting Nexrad files) is there any coding we 
> could include in the file that would allow the IDV to recognize this?

I think you variable probably in the lat/lon projection, if the IDV can 
recognizes the time step, it should be vary easy to aggregate the time 
dimension, simply by selecting the Aggregate Grid by Time in the Data Source 
Type. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.


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> address@hidden: Re: [IDV #INW-163820]: NetCDF CF time codes
> I think I understand what you mean with respect to adding the time dimension 
> to the variable holding the 3D reflectivity data, and I've modified my test 
> converter accordingly. However, I'm not sure where the _CoordinateAxisType 
> attribute needs to be defined. Does it need to be defined as an attribute of 
> the main variable (3D refl.) or of the time variable

The reflectivity variable should be 3D: reflectivity(t, y, x), and t is the 
dimension, the nc file should also have a variable
for this time dimension, just as the x,y dimensions have their own variables, 
and the _CoordinateAxisType should be added to the time variable.


> Thanks

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