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[IDV #ILQ-577350]: Profiler bug

> The last timestamp is excluded with 3D View.

     I check the display control "ProfilerMultiStationControl", and the time 
steps from the fieldImpl is correct, so you need to check the datasource where 
this fieldImpl is generated to make sure all the time step being counted.

> - Install the attached plugin
> - "Observations" --> "ATEC Data" from Data Chooser
> - Select "ATEC Wind Profiler" From Observation Data
> - Select "6 most recent" from time option
> - Click Add Source button
> - Pick all stations
> - Select "3D View"
> - Click Create Display button
> - Check the timestamps
> - Back to "Field Selector"
> - Right mouse click from "https://dpg-...";
> - Click Properties
> - Copy Name
> - Open Web Browser like FireFox
> - Paste the copied URL
> - Download the profiler data and check the timestamps
> OR
> - Back to "Field Selector"
> - Select "NEHIGH" after expanding "Profiler winds"
> - Select Time/Height Display
> - Click Create Display
> - Compare the "display panel" for "NEHIGH" and the the timestamps in Map
> View
> ===> Map View shows one less (the latest timestamp is missing at the Map
> View

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Ticket ID: ILQ-577350
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