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[IDV #GUP-507321]: GFS Observation mismatch

Hi Walt-
> I turned off fast rendering globally, and it help somewhat. Now I get
> the obs zoomed out and not centered over the U.S. then when I zoom in I
> loose them. I have tried cycling the data, and bringing the point
> observation the to front, but nothing seems to help. I have attached
> screen shots I hope they help you.

If you loaded this from a bundle, the old setting are still set in the bundle. 
Make sure Fast Rendering is turned off for the point data.  If this isn't from 
a bundle, could you save the current state as a bundle and send it too me?

> Also, I found an easier solution to the Wind direction being reported as
> 0. I just set the scale parameter in the layout model for DIR to 0-.5
> scale by .001. This eliminates the wind barb completely.

Glad you found something that worked.  I'm still waiting hear back on action to 
my inquiry to the McIDAS decoder folks.


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