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[IDV #WYJ-656722]: yet another grib1 idiom

Hi HP-

> Full Name: HansPeter Roesli
> Email Address: address@hidden
> Organization: EUMETSAT
> Package Version: 2.9a1 build date:@DATE@
> Operating System: Windows Vista
> Hardware: Java: home: C:\Program Files\IDV_2.9a1\jre version: 1.6.0_17 
> j3d:1.5.2 fcs (build4)
> Description of problem: Hi -
> I have got this grib file from a colleague working at the South African 
> Weather Service. They are running a regional version of the UK Met Office 
> Unified Model. Looks like another grib(1) idiom. It appears that the number 
> of grib variants equals the nuber of models running (at least). Would it be 
> possible to decode it?

As usual, it's a matter of not having the right tables.  I took a look at the 
data and am guessing that it's U & V winds.  I made a table following the 
guidelines at:


The attached plugin has the grib1tablelookup.lst and a fabricated file for the 
two parameters (201, 202).  Grib parameters higher than 128 are center 
specific.  I tried using an ECMWF table, but in there, the parameters were 
max/min temps.  

If your colleague could supply the real grib table to us, we could add it into 
distribution.  I looked on the South African Weather Service web site, but 
even find a place to do a search.

Anyway, install the attached plugin and that will at least allow you to plot the
sample file you gave me (assuming they are u and v winds).

Don Murray

> There was an error loading the data:
> Error creating data source:file.grid with: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\UM_data.grib
> Grid data source failed making data set: C:\Users\HP\Desktop\UM_data.grib
> 1
> ******************
> Stack trace:
> java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1
> at ucar.grib.GribReadIndex.open(GribReadIndex.java:141)
> at ucar.grib.GribReadIndex.open(GribReadIndex.java:98)
> at ucar.grib.grib1.Grib1WriteIndex.writeGribIndex(Grib1WriteIndex.java:109)
> at 
> ucar.nc2.iosp.grib.GribGridServiceProvider.writeIndex(GribGridServiceProvider.java:332)
> at 
> ucar.nc2.iosp.grib.GribGridServiceProvider.getIndex(GribGridServiceProvider.java:271)
> at 
> ucar.nc2.iosp.grib.GribGridServiceProvider.open(GribGridServiceProvider.java:104)
> at ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile.<init>(NetcdfFile.java:1328)
> at ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile.open(NetcdfFile.java:764)
> at ucar.nc2.NetcdfFile.open(NetcdfFile.java:398)
> at ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset.openOrAcquireFile(NetcdfDataset.java:688)
> at ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset.openDataset(NetcdfDataset.java:434)
> at ucar.nc2.dataset.NetcdfDataset.acquireDataset(NetcdfDataset.java:523)
> at ucar.nc2.dt.grid.GridDataset.open(GridDataset.java:103)
> at ucar.nc2.dt.grid.GridDataset.open(GridDataset.java:89)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.grid.GeoGridDataSource.doMakeDataSet(GeoGridDataSource.java:1085)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.grid.GeoGridDataSource.getDataset(GeoGridDataSource.java:1107)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.data.grid.GeoGridDataSource.initAfterCreation(GeoGridDataSource.java:472)
> at ucar.unidata.data.DataManager.createDataSource(DataManager.java:1565)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.IntegratedDataViewer.createDataSource(IntegratedDataViewer.java:1992)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.IntegratedDataViewer.makeDataSource(IntegratedDataViewer.java:1909)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.IntegratedDataViewer.makeDataSource(IntegratedDataViewer.java:1843)
> at 
> ucar.unidata.idv.IntegratedDataViewer.makeDataSource(IntegratedDataViewer.java:1816)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.chooser.IdvChooser.makeDataSource(IdvChooser.java:943)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.chooser.FileChooser.selectFilesInner(FileChooser.java:656)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.chooser.FileChooser.selectFiles(FileChooser.java:525)
> at ucar.unidata.idv.chooser.FileChooser.doLoadInThread(FileChooser.java:547)
> at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
> at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
> at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source)
> at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source)
> at ucar.unidata.util.Misc$2.run(Misc.java:1068)
> at ucar.unidata.util.Misc$3.run(Misc.java:1096)

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Ticket ID: WYJ-656722
Department: Support IDV
Priority: Normal
Status: Open

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