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[IDV #IFA-737706]: latest IDV build

Hi Brian-

We'll send you off a CD.

> Not sure what the deal is with the Google Earth thing.  In my v2.5, I can 
> load 5 files and press the play button to see the animation.  However, if I 
> try to save in Google Earth, I can only select one file to save at a time.  
> Hopefully the latest version will fix for me.

Use the View->Capture->Movie... option and select the Time Animation.  When 
prompted for a filename, use a .kmz extension to save as a file for 
GoogleEarth.  That will include the images as well as the KML.

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> Subject: [IDV #IFA-737706]: latest IDV build
> Hi Brian-
> Sorry for the delay in responding.
> > I was a student at your last IDV workshop in August, and due to
> > restrictions I have regarding downloading files, you guys were kind
> > enough to burn the IDV Linux files onto a disk for me.  I imagine
> > there's been more than a few updates since that time (I'm running v2.5),
> > and I was wondering if it would be possible to send me an updated disk?
> > If so, I can provide contact info.
> Sure, just send us your contact info.
> > One item that I'm particularly
> > curious about is in regards to generating KML.  As far as I can tell if
> > I have a series of hourly wrf data plots, I currently have to convert
> > them each one by one into kml single files, and turn those into a single
> > KML file to make an animation - I was wondering if you've since added
> > the capability to convert an entire string files (i.e. an animation)
> > into a single KML all at once?
> If you have a time animation in the IDV, you can save it as a KML/KMZ with 
> the time animation.  I would guess that when 2.5 was out, GoogleEarth did not 
> support time animation.
> Don Murray
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> Ticket ID: IFA-737706
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Ticket Details
Ticket ID: IFA-737706
Department: Support IDV
Priority: High
Status: Open

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