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[IDV #RHR-598173]: COSMIC data: link from trajectory plot to skew-T plot

Hi Dave-

> At SFSU in December, Jeff and Don showed a globe view plot of COSMIC data 
> trajectories colored by temperature. Thanks to the most recent nightly 
> releases of IDV v2.8b2 and a RAMADDA server providing access to our local 
> COSMIC data, I can do this, too, and my colleagues are wowed--thanks much for 
> giving us a window into this data like we've never had before!

Glad this is working for you.

> One other valuable thing that Jeff illustrated was attaching a marker symbol 
> to each trajectory plot that one could click on and get a skew-T sounding 
> plot for that particular trajectory. I've skimmed the Users Guide in hope of 
> stumbling across guidance for how to do this, but I don't know what I should 
> be looking for. Any guidance you could provide would be welcome.

If you select the SkewT field and the SkewT display, you will be able to click 
on the point to switch to that profile.  It is separate from the track display.

> Another thing we'd like to do is to constraint the portion of each trajectory 
> plotted by altitude or, even better, by pressure. I can do that if the 
> trajectory is colored by altitude or pressure, but if I want to color it by 
> temperature and then limit the portion of the trajectory shown to the lower 
> stratosphere and lower (say, below 100 mb), I don't quite know how to proceed.

No way to do that at present, but it's a good suggestion.  We'll add that to 
the list.

Don Murray

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