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[RAMADDA #ZKJ-217366]: Adding RAMADDA URL to catalog menu

Hi Dave-

The way the chooser works now, it would be too difficult to implement going 
past the current day.  We're working on making this better, but it won't be in 
time for the 2.8 release.


> On Jan 6, 2010, at 12:57 PM, Unidata IDV Support wrote:
> > BTW, if you use relative times for the point data with ADDE, you can go 
> > back across the date boundary.  It's just that for the absolute times, we 
> > just use the current day.
> Don,
> Yes, that was the problem I ran into. I asked my students to create a 
> compound display showing two hours' worth of visible satellite images, NexRad 
> radar echoes for a particular radar, and surface METAR observations, and save 
> the results as a zipped bundle (to preserve the data, since it's all very 
> ephemeral).
> To specify the times for these three disparate data sets so that they 
> correspond to the same two-hour period, it seemed easiest tif we specify 
> absolute time rather than relative time--that way, students could select and 
> load precisely the data of each type that they want and no more. (Maybe this 
> is less of an issue than I think, but part of the point of the assignment is 
> to make sure that students know how to specify data times using absolute 
> time; they use relative time for other assignments.)
> Unfortunately, when specifying absolute time, because the point data are 
> accessible only since 00Z (4 pm PST) of the current day, students were unable 
> to work on the assignment after 4 pm of any particular day. That's because: 
> (1) they wouldn't have 2 full hours of surface METAR data available until 
> after 6:15 pm PDT or so (by which time the 00Z, 01Z, and 02Z data would be 
> available from all of the ADDE point data servers); and (2) by 02Z (and 
> really 01Z, even on the west coast), visible imagery across the contiguous 
> U.S. states is useless at this time of year. That presented time-management 
> problems for some of them (since many of them work on assignments when they 
> get  home in the evening). It also limited their choice of interested cases 
> to plot to whatever happens to be going on that day.
> I imagine that there's some technical problem making ADDE point data 
> selection available via absolute time for more than one day--is the 
> explanation a simple one? Better yet, is a solution (to allow selection of 
> data for, say, the same 9 days for which data are available by specifying 
> relative time) reasonably simple?
> -- Dave

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