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[IDV #ZMC-625222]: get data by using script


> I tried to get data from data source links by using script, for example:
> A= makeDataSource(path1, type);
> A_data= getData(dataSource_A_Name, dataChoiceName)
> B= makeDataSource(path2, type);
> B_data= getData(dataSource_B_Name, datahoiceName)

I cannot replicate this problem. For example, when I do:

d1 = makeDataSource("ruc.nc")
d2 = makeDataSource("subset.nc")

The displays have different data. Not sure if you know about this but you can 
use the interactive Jython shell (Edit->Formulas->Jython Shell) to be able to 
easily type in this kind of jython and see what is going on.

> I can get the data of "Adata". However with B_data, I see that it does
> not contain data from dataSourceB.  It contains same data as  "Adata".
> Can you tell me what should I do for this problem?
> Once more question, I want to get data from a data source link but only
> a subset (limit by latitude, longitude and time). Can you tell me some
> hint to do that ?

I just answered a colleague of your's with the same question:

>You can do strides, times, spatial subsets and levels but it is kind of 
>complicated and ugly. So, I made some >changes to how this is done. They will 
>be in tonight's build. Attached is an example jython script that uses the >new 
>API and shows how to do the subsets, etc. I hope this helps.


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