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[IDV #NGO-561664]: Java 3D ERROR : FBConfig doesn't support pbuffer or pixmap returns None

Hi Stu,

> Trying to run the IDV with isl in background to generate an image, and first 
> setting a virtual frame buffer:

This seems to be an xvfb/java3d problem. Googling with the error gives some 


> /usr/X11/bin/Xvfb :9 -screen 0 1x1x24 &
> [2] 17141
> /products/tomoserver >
> Fatal server error:
> Server is already active for display 9
> /products/tomoserver > echo $DISPLAY
> :9
> /products/tomoserver > /usr/local/IDV_2.7u2/runIDV working_plan_view.isl
> Thu Dec 03 13:46:56 PST 2009: Loading bundle: 
> ./idv_config_files/working_plan_view.xidv
> Java 3D WARNING : reported GLX version = 1.2
> GLX version 1.3 or higher is required
> The reported version number may be incorrect.  There is a known
> ATI driver bug in glXQueryVersion that incorrectly reports the GLX
> version as 1.2 when it really is 1.3, so Java 3D will attempt to
> run anyway.
> Java 3D ERROR : FBConfig doesn't support pbuffer or pixmap returns None
> DefaultRenderingErrorListener.errorOccurred:
> OFF_SCREEN_BUFFER_ERROR: Renderer: Error creating Canvas3D off-screen buffer
> graphicsDevice = X11GraphicsDevice[screen=0]
> canvas = visad.java3d.VisADCanvasJ3D[canvas0,0,0,1473x970,invalid]
> FreeFontPath: FPE "/usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts/misc/" refcount is 2, should be 1; 
> fixing.
> Error in setting egid to 0: Not owner
> The system login screen is running on display 0 and it's not possible
> to use it, I tried that too.
> I also tried logging into the graphical console and running it and
> *still* no luck.  This time the error was slightly different but
> similar: "OFF_SCREEN_BUFFER_ERROR: Renderer: Error creating Canvas3D
> off-screen buffer"
> I had the system admins apply Sun's X server patch (Xorg) which
> included newer opengl libraries but that didn't help, it seems
> particularly difficult to get updated OpeGL/GLX drivers, they seem to
> come bundled with proprietary graphics drivers.
> Thanks for any ideas.

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