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[IDV #ZAF-180182]: when scripting, some images "zoom out"

> Here's a quick example; you'll need to get rid of the .txt extension (needed 
> to send from work). If you look at the 2 images, you'll notice that the 
> colorbar is a big higher in one image than in the other. It's not the case 
> here, but in another run (that I can't seem to find right now) we had the 
> same issue and it turned out some of the images were a pixel short in the 
> width (949 vs 948) which caused a lot of problem when trying to make a movie 
> out of them.

Hi Katie,
I couldn't open the winmail.dat attachment. Can you upload the images at:

Also - what version are you running? Are you running the latest nightly build?
Also - are you capturing in on screen or off screen mode? If on screen I have 
noticed (especially on mac) that the window size changes a little bit when the 
animation widgets goes from having times to not having times because of the 
hiding/showing of the times menu.


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