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[IDV #GYD-345655]: How can I set the color of a particular display label?

Hi Rich,

> Phew, I wouldn't have figure this out: I was looking in the users
> manual for "display legend" instead of "display list".
> So this worked great, but now onto the next question:
> Now that I've picked a specific color for each IOOS region
> http://coast-enviro.er.usgs.gov/models/share/2009-11-11_2206.png
> http://coast-enviro.er.usgs.gov/models/share/ioos_latest.xidv
> how can I move the displays so that all the displays for a region are
> grouped together?
> (e.g. I'd like to move the SCOOS to the top so that the GLOS displays
> are all together).

Each display has  a "display category", e.g., "plan views". You cannot change 
the order of the displays within the display category. However, you can change 
the display category (its just a string) in the properties dialog of the 
display. Or you can drag-and-drop the display to another category in the legend 
using the little hand icon.

To change a group of displays at once go to the Edit->Display settings dialog 
for one of the displays. Set the Display Category (the little tool icon in the 
Properties list. Select the displays you want to set in the right column and 
hit apply. More here:


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