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[IDV #GHH-554470]: 3d drawing control

Hi Cory,

> I am trying to place lines (i.e. using the drawing control) over 3D terrain. 
> Is this possible? It seems like that you can only place the object on lat,lon 
> and raise and lower the object over the terrain.

It is possible but we just had to fix a bug (will be in tonight's build) and 
there are a couple of steps to follow:
From the drawing control go to File->Export Drawing.
In the file dialog enter a file (e.g., map.xgrf)
On the right of the dialog select "Load as map data"
This loads in the .xgrf file as a map data source
Load in a DEM or a model file that has a topograhy field.
In the Field Selector under Formulas choose the Maps->3D Map formula.
Select the default display (i.e., topography)
In the field selection dialog choose the Map data and the Topography field.
Note: Some model files won't work - they are on a Lon/Lat grid (instead of 
Lat/Lon), we are fixing this.


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