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[IDV #HLU-210786]: IDV inquiries

Hi Rick-

> Sorry, should have included this one earlier ...
> http://dcdbs.ssec.wisc.edu/inquiry-v/index.php?inquiry=562

For this one (Add ability to set default color bar etc. for each display 
type.), color tables are currently based on parameters not display types.  We 
will be moving towards supplanting the parameter preferences with display 
settings which can be set for all displays of a particular type.  That 
mechanism can be used (even now) if someone wants to go through the trouble of 
creating all those display settings. However, for the etc bit of the request, 
saving a preferred unit for a display would not make sense since you could have 
conflicts.  Levels and color tables do.

> > We are going through our inquiries and finding a few that are at a
> > lower level and might be best if they are fixed by IDV Developers.
> >
> > http://dcdbs.ssec.wisc.edu/inquiry-v/index.php?inquiry=568

for this one (Any color changes, including 2D charts, should be a savable 
preference and should be saved with bundles.), we would need an example of what 
is wanted for the preference.  Again, this might be doable through the display 
settings.  In all cases, any changes should be saved in a bundle currently.  If 
that's not the case, please give us an example.

> > http://dcdbs.ssec.wisc.edu/inquiry-v/index.php?inquiry=579

For this one (Cannot save zipped bundle if you image data on server is outside 
your geographical request.)
I can believe that there is an error.  On display, we skip over "problem" 
images and only display the ones that were good.  On the zipping, we blindly 
write the URLs to disk. Can you provide me access to the server with this 
dataset?  I tried to get to EASTL, but need an id/proj.  

> >
> > Let us know if you what you think and if sending you the links to our
> > inquiry system is something that works for you.

That's quite a database of inquiries you have there.  Looking through them, it 
seems like a lot of them are low level.  Perhaps we should discuss how these 
could/should be handled.


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