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[IDV #CLJ-965783]: webstart IDV 2.6u2

A little more followup on this after some google searches:

- Only OpenGL 1.X is supported under Remote Desktop with XP and Java 3D uses 
OpenGL 2.X.  

- Using Java 3D 1.5.2 (which is shipped with IDV), if the required version of 
GL is not available, it will default to DirectX (D3D) and you should see a 
message like:

CONTEXT_CREATION_ERROR: Renderer: Error creating Canvas3D graphics context
graphicsDevice = Win32GraphicsDevice[screen=0]
canvas = visad.java3d.VisADCanvasJ3D[canvas0,0,0,681x464] 

so it looks like you are using an older version of Java 3D (which didn't do the 
auto switch).

- But DirectX is not supported under Remote Desktop either unless you are 
running Windows Vista or Windows 7 on the server.

So, it doesn't look like this is possible using XP.  You could set up a VNC 
server on Bert and use TightVNC instead of Remote Desktop.


> > Don or Jeff can answer this one better, but I feel compelled (:-)
> > to jump in as your attempt to run IDV with a remote display was
> > an active area of discussion at the McIDAS Users Group meeting I
> > attend a couple of weeks back...
> I'm not sure that the Windows Remote Desktop supports the GL/GLX
> extensions that Java 3D requires (which is what the error message
> indicates to me).  I've been able do display remotely
> from Unix systems using VNC, but never with Windows Remote Desktop.
> We could talk to Brian about this next week to see if there
> are any configurations that can be set on the server side.
> Don
> > > when using "remote connection" to bert (windows 64bit), and starting IDV
> > > via webstart, i get these messsages:
> > >
> > > no compatible device found, please switch to other mode and try again
> > >
> > > Could not create a graphics configuration.
> > > Please contact Unidata user support or see the FAQ
> > >
> > > ill try again when i get to the office to see if its the remote connection
> >
> > I think you will find that the problem _is_ being caused by trying
> > to run with a remote display.  The MUG person most in the know about
> > this issue (Dave Parker) noted that running with a remote display
> > should be possible IF appropriate configurations are made.  He
> > further noted that he had been unsuccessful in doing this in the
> > several attempts that he made at SSEC.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Tom
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