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[IDV #WIL-310768]: IDV consuming all my cycles when its not doing anything.

Hi Eric,

> This morning, I installed the last nights nightly build and tried it
> with the replacement jar file and the property file that set the
> minimum frame time. No effect. So I increased the minimum frame time
> from 10 to 1000. Assuming that the units are milliseconds, that
> should reduce screen updates to no more than once per second. Then I
> clicked the autorotate icon. Interestingly, it still revolved very
> smoothly, updating far faster than once a second. I then tried
> running it from the command line with the
> -Didv.minimumframecycletime=1000 argument suggested in the properties
> file. No difference. Either the property is being ignored by Java3D
> or its not getting propagated down to Java3d. I'm assuming that
> autorotate is a reasonable way to check if the minimum frame cycle
> time is being respected. Thoughts?
When this property is set you should see a message printed to the stdout:
"Setting minFrameCycleTime to:1000"

If you aren't getting that message then either you are not running with the 
latest build or
your property setting is failing for some reason.

You can also try turning off the web based monitor with:
idv -Didv.monitorport=none

Does the IDV work OK on other machines? 
Do you have the most recent graphics card drivers installed?

Perhaps you can run this using jprofiler to see where the cycles are being 


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