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[IDV #WQC-713810]: problem importing text data

> I may be having brain issues, but I can't get this data set to import into 
> the IDV.  The data are from a Cal Poly Tech observing site on a peer.  They 
> are every two minutes in the attachment, which has a few hours of data.
> I have been following the samples in the User Guide posted online.  I've done 
> this with 2.6u1 and the 2.7b2 releases and got the same result.  It must be 
> the text in my file but I don't see what is wrong.
> There was an error loading the data:
> Error creating data source:file.pointtext with: C:\Documents and 
> Settings\Chris\My Documents\Work\WRF\ATOL\grover_eddy_09-12-2006_14-19z.csv
> Making grid parameters
> TextAdapter: MathType badly formed or missing: 
> ((index)->(Latitude,Longitude,ST(text),UnixTime,ExcelTime,Time,MM,DD,HH,mm,AirTemperature,AtmosphericPressure,MIRAvisiblity,NetAtmosphericRadiation,Rainfall,RelativeHumidity,SolarRadiation,WindDirection,WindGust,WindSpeed))
> =

Hi Chris,
It looks like you have some extra parens. And "text" should be "Text"
It should be:

Here are some examples:


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